How do you find successful talent that isn’t even looking to move?

Welcome to Impact Alumni’s talent acquisition method.

At Impact Alumni, we make it easier for you to find and attract exclusive groups of highly qualified candidates, before they even consider making a move. Then, we help you convince them to work for your company. What’s the secret? It’s less complicated than you think.

Promote your career opportunities with Impact

Impact Alumni gives you the canvas to sell your company culture and employment opportunities.

The difference is, we help you build awareness of your company or a job before top candidates ever see a job posting or you try to reach out on LinkedIn. We help make you more attractive to professionals early, before they’re wooed by many others, even before they’re looking to move.

We have the marketing expertise to help you sell your company as a vibrant work community where leading professionals want to work and thrive. We help you trumpet why an employee would want to work for your company – the kind of perks, advancement potential, flexibility, and other opportunities that make you attractive to a generation of talent who values experiences, relationships and connections above all else.

This is a unique group. You need a unique approach.


Someone’s employer is an important part of the employee’s self-identity. Employers can help attract employees with organizational-fit by promoting their
company values.

Tell your story to the right audience

More than ever, it’s essential to reach out to all top talent, even “unavailable” ones who are happy where they are. The best of them are always
interested in what’s happening in their markets.

We’ve developed highly effective and targeted ways to reach candidates in very specific groups. Need electrical engineers with advanced degrees and 5-7 years of experience? We help you pinpoint them via mass media-style message platforms, like TV and internet advertising, with a message that will only go to your potential hires! We connect you directly with the top job-seekers in their field. Just as importantly, we connect you with happily employed candidates who might consider moving to a better opportunity.


Impact Alumni partners with top colleges and universities to give you the ability to talk specifically to your desired segment of their alumni. This is not look a-like modeling. Your message is only delivered to actual alumni.

People Looking For a Job


29% actively

looking for a job


71% passively

looking for a job

Make it easy for people

Many of us resist change. The secret to recruiting top-talent, especially those who are happy where they are, is to get them to the table. Once you’ve done this, you know that you’ve sold them on
some part of your company’s culture and professional development path.

At Impact Alumni, we let you “talk to” the most desirable hires and get them to the table faster and more efficiently. In addition, you help make it easier for them to accept your offer.

Want to make a bigger impact with top talent?